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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
kino::audio_sequenceDefines a random-access container of audio samples
kino::basic_bitmap< PixelType >Encapsulates a bitmap image
kino::basic_hsvEncapsulates storage for an HSV color sample
kino::basic_luma< SampleType, SampleTraits >Encapsulates storage for a luma color sample
kino::basic_rgb< SampleType, SampleTraits >Encapsulates storage for an RGB color sample
kino::basic_rgba< SampleType, SampleTraits >Encapsulates storage for an RGBA color sample
kino::color_traits< SampleType >Describes traits of a type used as a sample within a color specification
kino::color_traits< double >Specialization of color_traits for double samples
kino::color_traits< uint8_t >Specialization of color_traits for uint8_t samples
kino::convolve_filter< PixelType >A general-purpose one-dimensional convolve filter that operates as a finite state machine
kino::gl::push_attributesRAII class for storing OpenGL attributes on the stack
kino::gl::push_matrixRAII class for storing OpenGL matrices on the stack
kino::raii< ResourceType >Attempts to bring Resource Acquisition Is Initialization to legacy "C" constructs
kino::gl::render_bufferEncapsulates off-screen rendering operations for OpenGL
kino::video_sequenceDefines a random-access container of video frames

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